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Percent to Fraction Calculator

20% to fraction in lowest terms = 1/5

Percent: %


Lets assume the fraction is F.

So, F = 20% or 20/100

Or, F = 0.2

Or, F = 0.2/1 × 10/10

Or, F = 2/10

(Greatest common factor/divisor (HCF, GCF, or GCF) of 2 and 10 is 2)

Or, F = 1 × 2/5 × 2

So, F = 1/5

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How to convert percent to fraction?

  1. First convert the percent to fraction of 100. If the number is 10%, you can also write it as 10/100
  2. Now, convert the fraction into decimal. If you want to do this quicly, add a decimal before the last 2 digits of the numerator if it's an integer. If the numerator already has a decimal, just move the decimal to two digits left. So, if the fraction is 10/100, it becomes 0.10, and if the fraction is 10.55/100, it becomes 0.1055.
  3. Now, convert the decimal into fraction. To do this, remove the decimal, then add this as the denominator: 10^(number of digits after the decimal). So, if the number was 0.10, it would become 10/10^2 or 10/100, and if the number was 0.1055, it would become 1055/10^4 or 1055/10000.
  4. Now, find the highest common factor (HCF) of the numerator and denominator, and divide both numerator and denominator by the HCF. For example, in case the fraction is 10/100, the HCF will be 10. After division by 10, the fraction will be 1/10.