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Percentage Increase Calculator

Percentage increase = 50%

Old value:
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Lets assume the percentage change is P.

Formula given, P = New value - Old value/| Old value | × 100

So, P = 30 - 20/20 × 100

Or, P = 10/20 × 100

Or, P = 0.5 × 100

So, P = 50%

Percentage Increase Formula

Percentage Increase = New value - Old value/| Old value | × 100

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How to calculate percentage increase?

Percentage increase formula comes handy when you wish to find the increase in value of a commodity in terms of percentage. Calculating percentage increase is simple and all you need to do is divide the increase in value by the original value, and then multiply it with 100.

Steps to Calculate Percentage Decrease

  1. Note the start and end values.
  2. Find out the total increases by subtracting start value from end value.
  3. Divide the result by start value to get a fraction number.
  4. Multiply the resultant value by 100 which converts the value into a percentage.