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Percentage Change Calculator

Percentage change = 100% increase

Old value:
New value:


Lets assume the percentage change is P.

Formula given, P = New value - Old value/| Old value | × 100

So, P = 20 - 10/10 × 100

Or, P = 10/10 × 100

Or, P = 1 × 100

So, P = 100%

Percentage Change Formula

Percentage Change = New value - Old value/| Old value | × 100

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How to calculate percentage change

A change in percentage is determined as the difference between the previous and new value of any quantity which is expressed in fraction of 100, or percentage. It is quite easy to calculate the percentage change between any two given quantities or values.

To find out percentage change, you will need to know the initial and final values. Then, you can simply apply the percentage change formula and know the exact increase or decrease in percentage value.

Percentage Change = [(New Value – Old Value) / Old Value} x 100

In case the value of the percentage difference is in positive then it shows that the percentage has increased and if the percentage difference is in negative, then it denotes a decrease in percentage.

Example of Calculating Percentage Change

If the price of a kilo or wheat rises from US$ 10 to US$ 12.5, what will be the percentage change?



  • Old value of wheat = US$ 10
  • New value of wheat = US$ 12.5

Now apply percentage change formula – [(New value – Old value) / Old value] x 100

= [(12.5 – 10) / 10] x 100
= (2.5 / 10) x 100
= 25%

In this case, the percentage difference is a positive, which means that the price of wheat rose by 25%, showing a percentage increase.

Finding out the percentage change is most useful when you want to calculate sales, finances, inflation rate, taxes, and in physics and other math fields. Percentage change should not be confused with percentage difference. Percentage difference of two numbers is the specific value of the difference between the two values then divided by the average of the two values, before being multiplied by 100.